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Florence Airport Transfers & Taxis

Approximately two million passengers, both international and domestics, pass through the Florence Airport annually. The Florence Airport is fully equipped with all facilities that are required by the passengers. The transport options available for passengers include bus, car hire and taxi services. Taxi transfers at Florence Airport are the most quick and convenient transport option.

The taxis are available at the taxi rank out the arrivals area of the Florence Airport. The Italian laws have regulated the services of taxis, so using the authorized taxis is always recommended to the passengers. The yellow or white color and a ‘Taxi’ sign make the official taxis easy to be recognized by the passengers. All taxis are equipped meters, which help in calculated the fare and also records the number of kilometers traveled. The taxi fare is calculated with help of distance traveled but several other factors also affect the fare. These factors includes luggage loaded, number of passengers if more than four, late night travel, or travel on bank holidays or weekends. Animals in suitable containers are permitted to travel in taxis but this also applies some extra charges. However, nothing is charged for guide dogs traveling with visually impaired people.

It is strongly recommended that the passengers should not accept the services of individuals in the terminal building. As the services of those individuals may not be of good quality or they might be operating illegally. All authorized taxi drivers are available at the taxi rank outside the airport. The taxi transfers to the Florence Airport can be found at the taxi ranks near any bus or train station. The passengers are advice to use the taxi available at any of the taxi ranks or request for pick up from their location. In the case of pick up request, the meter will start recording the distance from the taxi rank not from the pickup location.