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Florence Tourist Attractions

More than 1.5 million passengers pass through the Florence Airport annually. Most of the passengers arrive at the airport to explore the nearby attractions/places to see near Florence Airport. Located around the River Arno, Florence is the capital of Tuscany. One of the important landmarks of Florence, Ponte Vecchio is one of the bridges through which the river can be crossed. Many fascinating places like galleries and museums filled with remarkable collections of artifacts and masterpieces are available for tourists. Visiting numerous religious buildings can provide a phenomenal experience for tourists. One of the two main airports of Tuscany region of Italy, the Florence Airport is locally known as Peretola Airport or Amerigo Vespucci Airport, the Florence airport. The Galileo Galilei Airport or the Pisa International Airport is second major airport.

Guided Bus Tours can prove to be a great opportunity for exploring the nearby attractions/places to see near Florence Airport. The bus station near the Santa Maria Novella Railway Station is the point from where the buses depart for guided tours. Departing from the Santa Maria Novella Railway Station, these tours are very popular as most of the fascinating landmarks, sights and buildings are covered during usual three hours tour duration. The Piazza della Repubblica is end point of the guided tours. The Central Train Station featuring a glass cascade covered Atrium is Italy’s one of the most important and modern architectural buildings. This train station is located outside the Tuscany’s most important Gothic Church, the Santa Maria Novella Church. A Giotto crucifix in the sacristy and frescoes created by Ghirlandaio are some of its main features.

Built in 1322, possessed with a medieval appearance, the old Palace or the Palazzo Vecchio featuring a bell tower serves as the town hall of Florence. The Piazza del Signoria is another famous attraction of Florence. Considered as a Florence’s cultural center, its sculpture gallery exhibits many statues. Another place of great attraction is the Palazzo Strozzi. It has three floors and each floor is of same height as of a normal palazzo. With the demolition of fifteen buildings, the construction of impressive Palazzo Strozzi began in 1489 and its completion year was 1536. With a capacity to accommodate around 2000 audiences, The Teatro Comunale, or the City Theatre is the most important and famous concert hall of Florence. Throughout the year, the Teatro Comunale is still used for events, concerts, festivals and operas. The Teatro Comunale is also famous for Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. A huge palace featuring Palazzo dei Congressi’s superb art pieces, the Palazzo Pitti, or Giardini di Boboli is Florence’s another impressive building.

There are numerous museums in Florence. The not to be missed of these museums is the Museo Archeologico or the National Archeological Museum. A remarkable collection of artifacts from different countries such as Rome, Greece and Egypt are exhibited at this museum. After its construction in 1620, for more than one hundred the outstanding collections have been displayed at this museum. The museum has an entrance fee but students, teachers, senior citizens and those of age less than 18 years can enter the museum free of charge. Florence’s another fascinating attraction is the Science Museum. This museum has over 5000 exhibits of different scientific instruments and devices. This museum also has an entrance fee but is free for children under 6 year age. Those in need of viewing and understanding the life style, hunting and farming activities of distant ancestors, should visit the The Museo e Istituto di Preistoria ‘Paolo Graziosi’. This museum is located in the Oblates’s Town Hall and exhibits the stone and pottery instruments along with botanical specimens.