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Florence Airport Arrivals

For the travelers, their family and friends it is important to know the right schedule of the arrival so they can reach at the airport beforehand and greet their guests. They can check the arrival time at the official website and via telephone call they can inquire the right time. These websites update information on a regular basis for the travelers and their loved ones so they can calculate their time and reach at the airport on time. In case of any delay, website updates and shows that the flight is delayed in front of the flight number and destination. Email address can also be provided so they may notify you that the flight has been delayed.

Florence Airport provides all these facilities to their travelers. They may also inquire information on the arrival desks. In addition, the arrival chart on board is there which show the arrivals of flights from their destinations and time which are arranged in an order of flights which are arriving first. It also shows flights that have arrived and landed or which have been postponed due to any reason. For the people who have come to welcome their guests, waiting lounge is there where they can sit and await their guests.

The arrivals area of the Florence Airport is good place to be at, in a comparatively small space, there are amenities like bathrooms, a small café, an ATM, and currency exchangers. After getting done with their transit, travelers can meet their relatives in the waiting area or they may also rent a car, taxi, limousine, and bus at very affordable prices from the services desk at the airport. All these facilities provide ease to the tired travelers and for the visitors as well.